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Digital character full body illustration

Digital character full body illustration

Fully colored, digital, full body illustration from head to toe of a character of your choice, with a simple background and a total of 3 correction loops in the various phases.

The final illustration will be send to you as a high-resolution JPEG file by e-mail or as an art print (shipping within Germany).


You want a complex background, another character or an animal in your illustration? Write me a message and I'll make you an individual offer!

  • How long does it take to complete?

    In general, a full body illustration takes about 6-8 weeks to complete .This may take less or more time depending on my workload, and certain things like travel or holidays can cause delays. You will usually receive a sketch within 6-10 days of the date of purchase.

  • What can I use this illustration for?

    These are private commissioned work , which means that they are only intended for private use. Feel free to share the drawing on social media (please tag me!) Or use it in streams. 

    However, you may   not this work  for the  Sale of  Goods or for the  Use the publication (e.g. as a book cover). 

    This falls under freelance work and is offered at different prices as it requires acquiring publish / reproduce / print rights for sale. 

    For business inquiries:


PriceFrom €250.00
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